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Community shops’ leading role in selling local produce


The volunteer-run Brechfa Community Shop and Dryslwyn Community Shop in Carmarthenshire are both important to local food producers, providing vital links between suppliers and shoppers. Community markets and independent shops also help enable small rural businesses to survive and grow, in a world dominated by supermarket chains which focus on bulk supplies at lowest possible cost.

Cothi Valley Goats of Talley told us about Wright’s Independent Food Emporium at Nantgaredig, which sells many local foods as well as high-quality products from further afield. Wright’s, the village and community shops and markets and the specialist stores in our small towns like Llandeilo and Llandovery, are all necessary to an alternative supply chain, a chain capable of bringing fresh foods to nearby customers, swiftly and sustainably.

Shopping locally is a good way of supporting the economy of the area we live in, and so is in all our interests.