Pant Y Moch Outdoor Pork Sausages Available Now

Berkshire pigs reared outdoors at Pant Y Moch

Berkshire pigs reared outdoors at Pant Y Moch

Pant Y Moch pork sausages are now available again from Llanddeusant. Smallholder Steve Brown tells us that “All were freshly made for us this week by our local butcher in Llangadog, to three recipes: his own pork sausage recipe, our herb sausage, and a gluten-free garlic sausage. We had fun last week experimenting with our recipes and we think we’ve made them even better!

“All the sausages are now frozen, and you are welcome to come and collect some,” said Steve. “We are happy to deliver to you when we are passing, or to make a special trip for a large order.”

Pant Y Moch are suppliers of pork from rare breed Berkshire pigs, raised outdoors. Only organic pig feed is used on the smallholding, supplemented with vegetables from the same land, and in the autumn, lots of windfall apples.  Meat is for sale at certain times of year only.

The sausages are £4.25 for six (500g+) with a a special price of £40 for 5kg (10 packs).
Please phone 01550 740655 to place an order or for more information.  Have a look at the Pant Y Moch Facebook page,


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