Llansawel Show in Pictures, September 14th 2013


Llansawel 05 IMG_2596

Llansawel 15 IMG_2621

Llansawel 11 IMG_2605

Llansawel 18 IMG_2627

Llansawel 39 14-9-13

Llansawel 29 IMG_2670

Llansawel 34 14-9-13

Llansawel 32 IMG_2688

Llansawel 19 IMG_2634

Llansawel 002

Llansawel 08 IMG_2593

Llansawel 28 IMG_2658

Llansawel 14 IMG_2618

Llansawel 35 14-9-13


Photos by Patrick Racher

Also see http://westwalesnewsreview.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/the-erasure-of-rural-wales-edges-closer/


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  1. Is this post just for me?! I miss the shows so much. The first picture just sums it up perfectly. All the back-breaking work, the grotty weather, the heart-in-the-mouth livestock blood-testing, digging live sheep from snowdrifts, breaking ice in minus temperatures are all worth it for a single sunny day, scrubbed up and dressed in your Sunday best, with a pint and chat with your mates as you are absolutely engrossed in the judging and head home at the end of the day with a coveted scarlet rosette. Fantastic pictures. A lovely post to read this morning ; )

    • Thank you! It’s a big day in the Llansawel social calendar. Small village, over 10 miles from nearest town, clinging onto its school against all the odds.

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