Llandeilo Local Food Guide lists suppliers and sellers of food and drink produced within about 30 miles of Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, in Wales.

The idea is to help promote fresh local foods and beverages.  Check us out on FACEBOOK


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  1. Hi, I notice our entry for Llandeilo Country Market has our old opening times shown – they are now 08:30 to 12:30. How can I get this amendment made please?
    Stephen Smith

    • Hello, I think you must be referring to the food guide? I will make the amendment. Apologies, I haven’t had much time to spend on the guide recently. Will aim to do before the end of the week

  2. Dear Pat,

    Thank you for our listing, did you find us on a flyer?

    Here’s the news …….

    Elmo’s Kitchen is the trading name used by sole traders Ms Clare Goodwin & Mr Daryn Manchip BA(hons) . We are established leaf growers and we have been supplying local retailers with Elmo’s Kitchen Cambrian Salad Packs, Kale, Chard, Spinach, Mint & Curly Parsley since May 2013.

    We cultivate at two locations in Eastern Carmarthenshire. Presently we are working towards organic status . 90% of fruit & vegetables supplied already hold certification and these can be traced. We use the words ‘organically grown’ of which we are satisfied with as discourse of how our own leaf products are cultivated and through soils introduced as the growing medium. We are also satisfied as we are using previously Soil Association Certified fallow land at a second location. Only organic agents are thus used in the production of our leaf crops.whether these be fertilizers, slug pellets, or bug treatments for example. This is exclusive and documented.

    In 2015 we started the East Carmarthenshire Box scheme covering a 700 square mile area of much of eastern Carmarthenshire. Our reach is now over 5000 households serving communities within our Thursday run area. Elmo’s Kitchen functions as a hub & spoke operation retailing through direct purchases of seven exclusive box type products. We also sell bulk orders on request at discount and supply festival & event organisations on demand. In 2016 we started supporting local markets in Lampeter, Llansawel & Ffarmers by reputation

    Currently we are re-investing any profits we make into renewing our existing infrastructure. In Spring 2017 we intend to start a second box scheme Tuesdays to be known as The Mid & South West Ceredigion Box Scheme. Elmo’s Kitchen receives no public funding whether this be from Natural Resources Wales or any other Non Governmental Agency.

    Our mission since we started is to make organically grown produce one, affordable and two, non exclusive. We believe that through our range and by the support we receive this is both practical and realistic.

    Taste the truth … Proud to walk our talk.

    • Thank you very much for the information. Yes, I saw one of your flyers, and am a customer at Llansawel Market. The vegetables are very tasty and fresh, and a big asset to local food supply.

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